The second day of the 2024 IWBF Men’s Repechage tournament at the Azur Arena Antibes saw intense competition as teams vied for supremacy on the court. Here’s a roundup of the day’s action:

In the opening match of the day, Italy displayed their defensive prowess, stifling Colombia’s offense to secure a convincing win. Despite Colombia’s efforts, Italy’s relentless energy on offense, led by Giulió Papi (24 points) and Sabri Bedzeti (14 points), propelled them to hold a comfortable lead throughout the game. Final score, 64-40.

Netherlands continued their winning streak at the IWBF Men’s Repechage tournament with a hard-fought victory against Iran. Despite Iran’s resilience, Netherlands’ cohesive gameplay, spearheaded by standout performer Mendel Op Den Orth (23 points), ensured they maintained control of the match. Frank De Jong, Quinten Zantinge, and Patrick De Boer also contributed with 10 points each. Netherlands clinched the win with a final score of 61-53.

In a dominant display, Germany overpowered Morocco with a commanding scoreline of 77-42. Alexander Budde led Germany’s scoring with 19 points, supported by Aliaksandr Halouski (14 points) and Matthias Guntner (11 points). Despite Morocco’s valiant effort, Germany’s collective team performance and strategic substitutions proved too much to handle.

The final match of the day witnessed a gripping encounter between France and Canada. In a fiercely contested game, both teams fought tooth and nail for the win. Despite Canada’s determined effort, France edged infront and took the decisive lead late on and managed to keep their composure, ultimately emerging victorious with a final score of 61-55. Top scorers for Canada included Colin Higgins (26 points) and Patrick Anderson (18 points), while France’s offense was led by Alexis Ramonet and Nicolas Jouanserre, both scoring 15 points, with Audrey Cayol contributing 14 points.

With only one day of the group stages to play, anticipation builds for the upcoming clashes, with top spot up for grabs in both groups for the winners of France against the Netherlands in a Group A showdown, and Germany versus Italy in the Group B clash. Stay tuned for more action as the 2024 IWBF Men’s Repechage tournament unfolds.

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Photo Credit: Gregory Picout / Handicap Francaise Federation.