The IWBF Repechage Tournaments function as the final qualification stage for teams aiming to secure a place in major international competitions like the Paralympic Games and World Championships. Serving as the last opportunity for nations to vie for a coveted spot in prestigious championships, these tournaments also guarantee that the world’s best nations from across the globe participate in the World competitions.


The inaugural  Repechage Tournaments, serving as the ultimate qualification stage for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, are scheduled for 2024. Specifically, the 2024 IWBF Men’s Repechage is set to occur in Antibes, France, while the 2024 IWBF Women’s Repechage will unfold in Osaka, Japan. For more details on these two championships, click on the links below.

2024 IWBF Women's Repechage

2024 IWBF Men's Repechage